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Actor Arleo Dordar is Canadian born August 22nd in 1986. Arlene started off in a theater where he got training in acting. He later worked his way to television and film. Performance on stage gave him strong creative abilities and an opportunity to experiment the craft without rules or boundaries. Also got training by some of the top teachers in his generation at Canada. Arlene believes that true actors should always be learning and if this stops, failure starts to set it. When Arlene is not acting, he does tracking which is a combination of gymnastics and martial arts. He also participates in motocross racing.

Actor Arlen was born in the family of entrepreneurs. His father was a system builder with his own business.  His uncle was also a business owner. Also uses his skills business to make a career out of acting and production. He has made an appearance next top line celebs like Karl Urban of Star Trek, Danny Glover(Lethal Weapon Franchise) and Callum Keith Rennie(Californication). Arlene has also appeared next to Eliza Taylor on North America Top-rated Series number 1 show on the Entertainment Weekly.

 Arleo is a hardworking, passionate and determined artist who believes that if there are no challenges, there cannot sustain growth. He constantly trains with British coaches. He also provides mentorship in between playing roles as he believes that challenging classes are important for an actor.

Actor Arleo Dordar has appeared on several hit television shows. Some of them are Psych, Fairly Legal, Shattered, The 4400, the 100 and Whistler. Also has appeared on CBS, CTV, USA and Showcase. He has also appeared on time, Space, International Networks, and Fox.

Also describes acting as an activity that allows personal transformation to a level that cannot be achieved from other things.  He sees essential for self-confidence because it gives people self-confidence to overcome their fears. When people are told to act in from of strangers for their first time, many will retreat into fear, show signs of discomfort and even lose an ability to speak. Gradually, they learn how to overcome their fears becoming more and more confident even in future.  For more info click here 

 Aleo also considers acting as an activity that helps to build social connections. After meeting and work with other actors, an actor will make new friends and in turn improve interpersonal skills.  Acting is pretending to be other people, therefore, Arleo believes that it will help to understand family, friends, and coworkers better since becoming a successful actor requires you to see the world from a perspective of another person.